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Academic IELTS

Reach your target IELTS score for university entry by studying Academic IELTS in the UK.

Academic IELTS in London

What is Academic IELTS?

Academic IELTS focuses on the skills needed to succeed in a higher education learning environment.

Who is Academic IELTS for?

Academic IELTS is for those who wish to study at an English university or join an institute of higher education. Successful entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate course is dependent on the results of an Academic IELTS test. Academic IELTS is a tougher programme of study than General Training IELTS.

What is the difference between the Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS exams?

Listening and speaking modules are identical across both IELTS tests, but reading and writing both differ.

IELTS Reading exam

Academic Writing

  • 3 long reading passages.
  • Related to materials found on different academic books at college or university level.

General Training IELTS

  • 3 reading sections. First 2 sections have 2-3 smaller texts. Section 3 has one long passage.
  • Smaller and easier than the academic reading passages.

IELTS Writing exam

Academic Writing

  • Task 1: Graph summarising (min 150 words)
  • Task 2: Essay writing (min 250 words)

General Training IELTS

  • Task 1: Letter writing (min 150 words)
  • Task 2: Essay writing (min 250 words)

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